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For 79Bike Falcon M / E Ride Pro-SS FASTACE Front Fork Suspension & Rear Shock Suspension Kit

For 79Bike Falcon M / E Ride Pro-SS FASTACE Front Fork Suspension & Rear Shock Suspension Kit

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For 79 Bike Falcon M
For E Ride Pro-SS

FASTACE ALX13RC 2.0 Front Fork Suspension:

  • Rebound Damping.
  • Compression Damping.
  • Legs Material: 2000 Series Aluminium.
  • Axle: 110x20mm Boost Thru Axle.
  • Steerer: 1-1/8" Straight.
  • Crown: Forged.
  • Brake Post Mount: 200mm.
  • Max Tyre Size: 67mm.
  • Extras: Threaded TSR.
  • E-Bike Compatible: Yes.
  • Offset: 47mm (27.5" Option); 57mm (29" Option).
  • Ride Height: 582mm (27.5" Option), 602mm (29" Option).
  • Travel: 200mm.
  • Spring: coil spring 60lbs for 100kg-120 kg riders.
  • Apply to Mountain Bike (MTB), eletric dirt bike, DH, surron, talaria sting.
  • The product is made of high-strength and lightweight aluminum, with inner and outer tubes, upper and lower plates, and left and right legs.
  • The interior is designed with spring and oil pressure damping, which is stable and reliable.
  • The left tube of the front suspension is designed with a high-strength alloy steel spring, which is lighter and better supports the rider's weight. This design meets the various needs of your daily riding.

FASTACE 10.5" BDA53RC Rear Shock Suspension:

  • Coil Spring.
  • Pressure/Big impact.
  • Riding style: AM / FR / DF.
  • Piggyback.
  • Compatible with DNM RCP 2S.
  • Adjustments: Rebound / Compression / Preload / Adjust High.
  • Available Size Eye to Eye x Travel: 265mm × 85 mm(10.5"x3.35").
  • 265mm *550lbs spring.
  • For heavy rider: 550lbs -100kg-130 kg.
  • The product can effectively mitigate the impact, so that you can enjoy the comfort of walking on all slopes.
  • The product handle all kinds of complex road conditions and even help you maneuver in professional competition.
  • The use of AL-7075 for rear shock absorption can effectively prevent oxidation and improve strength. It can support your difficult movements safely and without worry.
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